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Womens latest Maxi Dresses Casual Summer Patchwork Bohemian Max 68% OFF Wra Pleated

Womens Maxi Dresses Casual Summer Bohemian Pleated Patchwork Wra


Womens Maxi Dresses Casual Summer Bohemian Pleated Patchwork Wra

Product description

ASIAN Size: S ------ US: 6 ------ Bust: 82-84cm/32.28-33.07" ------ Length: 142cm/55.91" ------ Waist: 70cm/27.56"

ASIAN Size: M ------ US: 8 ------ Bust: 86cm/33.86" ------ Length: 143cm/56.30" ------ Waist: 74cm/29.13"

ASIAN Size: L ------ US: 10 ------ Bust: 90cm/35.43" ------ Length: 144cm/56.69" ------ Waist: 78cm/30.71"

ASIAN Size: XL ------ US: 12 ------ Bust: 94cm/37.01" ------ Length: 145cm/57.09" ------ Waist: 82cm/32.28"

ASIAN Size: XXL ------ US: 14 ------ Bust: 98cm/38.58" ------ Length: 146cm/57.48" ------ Waist: 86cm/33.86"

Womens Maxi Dresses Casual Summer Bohemian Pleated Patchwork Wra

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