$23 Boning Knife, Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife Handmade Fish Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Boning,nuestyles.com,Knife,Steel,Knife,,Kitchen,Stainless,$23,/kerasine1020679.html,Boning,Handmade,Fish $23 Boning Knife, Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife Handmade Fish Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Boning,nuestyles.com,Knife,Steel,Knife,,Kitchen,Stainless,$23,/kerasine1020679.html,Boning,Handmade,Fish Boning Knife Cheap sale Stainless Steel Handmade Fish Kitchen Boning Knife Cheap sale Stainless Steel Handmade Fish Kitchen

Boning Knife Cheap sale Stainless Steel Handmade Fish Kitchen Japan's largest assortment

Boning Knife, Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife Handmade Fish


Boning Knife, Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife Handmade Fish

Product description

Knife Type:Butcher knife
Material:5Cr15 Stainless steel

Item Include:
1 knife cover
1 Knife
1 knife + 1 knife cover
1 knife + 1 sharpener
1 knife + 2 sharpeners

length: 273 mm
blade length:146 mm
blade width: 50 mm
thickness:4 mm

1.The entire process of production of this knife is completely manual.
2.The surface of the forge knife is rough not as smooth as the knife produced by machines, but it did show the characteristics of the forging knife.
3.Please allow slight measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Boning Knife, Stainless Steel Kitchen Boning Knife Handmade Fish

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