$419 Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit PRO (up to 2 in Tools Home Improvement Welding Soldering Tools Home Improvement , Welding Soldering,Pipe,$419,in,Hayes,Digital,(up,Kit,Socket,nuestyles.com,PRO,to,2,Tool,/isochasm521138.html,Fusion,Welder $419 Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit PRO (up to 2 in Tools Home Improvement Welding Soldering Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit to PRO in Charlotte Mall 2 up Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit to PRO in Charlotte Mall 2 up Tools Home Improvement , Welding Soldering,Pipe,$419,in,Hayes,Digital,(up,Kit,Socket,nuestyles.com,PRO,to,2,Tool,/isochasm521138.html,Fusion,Welder

Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit to PRO in Charlotte Mall 2 Free shipping / New up

Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit PRO (up to 2 in


Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit PRO (up to 2 in

Product description

The HAYES HY PRO Series is the new digital socket fusion pipe welder (heating tool) that is suitable for joining a variety of thermoplastic pipes and fittings for different applications in the industry. This machine can weld HDPE (Polyethylene), PP-R (Polypropylene), PB (Polybutene). Our heating tool is designed and manufactured according to the American international standard ASTM F2620. Our line of ancillary accessories such as heating adapters, cold ring pliers and chamfer/depth gages are manufactured to ASTM F1056 guidelines, which will assist in completing a quality fusion consistently if the pipe manufacturer's procedures are followed carefully. We offer a variety of options for all our customer’s needs. Our goal is to deliver world class guaranteed plastic pipe fusion tools with fast shipping for a very competitive price. Heat resistant aluminum plate Digital screen with adjustable temperature control Accurate heating temperature Automatic adjustable environment temperature Ergonomic handle Durable and efficient to maximize the pipe fusion Voltage protection Different working pipe sizes

Hayes Digital Socket Fusion Pipe Welder Tool Kit PRO (up to 2 in

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