OnlineGymShop,Small,75,CB17596,Chicken,/infolding1020508.html,$139,Pet Supplies , Small Animals,Animal,Coop,in.,House,Lar, OnlineGymShop CB17596 Dealing full price reduction 75 in. Chicken Small House Animal Coop Lar OnlineGymShop,Small,75,CB17596,Chicken,/infolding1020508.html,$139,Pet Supplies , Small Animals,Animal,Coop,in.,House,Lar, $139 OnlineGymShop CB17596 75 in. Chicken Coop Small Animal House Lar Pet Supplies Small Animals $139 OnlineGymShop CB17596 75 in. Chicken Coop Small Animal House Lar Pet Supplies Small Animals OnlineGymShop CB17596 Dealing full price reduction 75 in. Chicken Small House Animal Coop Lar

OnlineGymShop CB17596 Dealing full New item price reduction 75 in. Chicken Small House Animal Coop Lar

OnlineGymShop CB17596 75 in. Chicken Coop Small Animal House Lar


OnlineGymShop CB17596 75 in. Chicken Coop Small Animal House Lar

Product description

This 2 layer quality hutch provides a large cozy place for keeping small animals, especially cute rabbits. It features multiple uses: playing, exercising, training, or simply keeping your pets safely. This rabbit hutch provides your pets with plenty of exercise space while the tight iron wire mesh helps prevent mischievous behaviors and unexpected accidents. Meanwhile, the construction of iron wire grid ensures your monitoring of the pets and enables your pets to keep an eye on the surroundings and get enough fresh air. The rabbit hutch is built with a high-quality wood frame, making it a strong and safe enclosure that lasts for years. Its green roof keeps rain away while the cozy cubby makes the perfect sleeping area. Two easy-climb ladders lead from the lower ground level to the upper floor. The pull-out tray makes cleaning easy. And the doors close easily and lock with slide-bolt latches. This spacious wooden rabbit cage is perfect for small pets. Important note: We recommend you placing the rabbit cage under shelter. Accordingly, it will last a longer life. * Spacious layout * Total size: 75'' x 18.1'' x 33.5'' (L x W x H) * Inner dimensions: 14.6" x 74.4" x 32.5" (W x D x H) * Solid pine wood frame with painted finish * Durable powder-coated iron wire mesh * Protection against moisture through green waterproof roof * With two non-slip ladders for easier access to the upper floor * A coated pull-out tray for easy maintenance * Weather resistant * Suitable for rabbits * Easy to assemble

OnlineGymShop CB17596 75 in. Chicken Coop Small Animal House Lar

Journal of Ecological Engineering (JEE) is a peer-reviewed international journal that publishes original research and review articles in the areas of the protection and restoration of the natural environment.
Current issue
Volume 22, Issue 8, 2021

Variation in Root Development Response of Napier Grass to Drought Stress

J. Ecol. Eng. 2021; 22(8):64–74
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