Cavka Hard Ranking TOP7 Shell Case for Apple MacBook Air A2338 1 2020 13" Pro $28 Cavka Hard Shell Case for Apple MacBook Pro 13" A2338 2020 Air 1 Electronics Computers Accessories Cavka,,Shell,Air,Case,$28,2020,/impermeabilize879677.html,A2338,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Pro,MacBook,for,Hard,13",Apple,1 Cavka,,Shell,Air,Case,$28,2020,/impermeabilize879677.html,A2338,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Pro,MacBook,for,Hard,13",Apple,1 $28 Cavka Hard Shell Case for Apple MacBook Pro 13" A2338 2020 Air 1 Electronics Computers Accessories Cavka Hard Ranking TOP7 Shell Case for Apple MacBook Air A2338 1 2020 13" Pro

Cavka Hard Ranking TOP7 Shell Case for Apple MacBook Air A2338 1 2020 Al sold out. 13

Cavka Hard Shell Case for Apple MacBook Pro 13" A2338 2020 Air 1


Cavka Hard Shell Case for Apple MacBook Pro 13" A2338 2020 Air 1

Product description

Color:Leopard Roses

Hard Plastic Cover for Apple MacBook provides full access to all ports and features of your device.
Plastic coverage protects your Laptop form any scuff marks and scratches in everyday use.
Simplifies installation and removal.

CHECK THE MODEL NUMBER (A****) of your MacBook before purchasing! You can find it on the back of your device.
Compatible with:
A2337 - MacBook Air 13"" (2020)
A2179 - MacBook Air 13"" (2020)
A2338 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2020)
A2159 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2019)
A2141 - MacBook Pro 16"" (2019)
A1990 - MacBook Pro 15"" (2018/19)
A2251 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2020)
A2289 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2020)
A1989 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2018/19/20)
A1931 - MacBook Air 13"" (2018)
A1932 - MacBook Air 13"" (2018)
A1706 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2016/17)
A1707 - MacBook Pro 15"" (2016/17)
A1708 - MacBook Pro 13"" (2016/17)
A1369 / A1466 - MacBook Air 13""
A1370 / A1465 - MacBook Air 11""
A1398 - MacBook Retina 15"" (2015)
A1425 - MacBook Retina 13"" (2015)
A1502 - MacBook Retina 13"" (2015)
A1534 - MacBook 12""

Please feel free to contact our friendly customer service anytime, if you need any help!

Cavka Hard Shell Case for Apple MacBook Pro 13" A2338 2020 Air 1

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