$273 Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench Frame, 72" x 3 Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products Store Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench 72" x Frame 3 Store Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench 72" x Frame 3 $273 Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench Frame, 72" x 3 Industrial Scientific Lab Scientific Products Sovella,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,$273,14-12035139,Cornerstone,72",nuestyles.com,3,x,Bench,Frame,,/impermeabilize1127477.html,Workstation Sovella,Industrial Scientific , Lab Scientific Products,$273,14-12035139,Cornerstone,72",nuestyles.com,3,x,Bench,Frame,,/impermeabilize1127477.html,Workstation

Store free shipping Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench 72

Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench Frame, 72" x 3


Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench Frame, 72" x 3

Product description

Cornerstone benches are standard tables that are suitable for a broad range of tasks, including but not limited to: testing, packing, repairing, inspecting, laboratory. The Cornerstone bench is guaranteed for regular use with weights up to 1500 lbs. This degree of strength is achieved by using a solid table structure.

Sovella 14-12035139 Cornerstone Workstation Bench Frame, 72" x 3

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