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Eummit Discount is Special price also underway humidifiers Mini Cute Panda Essential Hole O Spray Double

Eummit humidifiers Mini Cute Panda Double Hole Spray Essential O


Eummit humidifiers Mini Cute Panda Double Hole Spray Essential O

Product description


1. Micron-level fine mist, intelligent timing humidification, aromatherapy, double nozzle fogging, quiet design, beautiful appearance, colorful atmosphere lights
2. Water tank capacity: 150ML; atomization vibration frequency: 2.4MHz; use time: continuous spraying for about 5 hours; spray mode: long spray / 1H/2H / 3H; weight: 400g; size: 92mm * 92m * 141mm.
3. Adapter input: AC100-240V-50/60Hz 0.4A Max; working voltage: DC24V; working current: 300MA; rated power: 7.2W; material: ABS + PP + silica gel.
4. Style / color: black, brown; use area: about 10-15 square meters; product standard: Panda double fog aromatherapy machine, a power adapter, a manual.
5. The water is atomized at a frequency of 2.4MHz, and it is matched with the essential oil of the high-end aromatherapy machine to maintain the active molecules of the essential oil, bringing natural aroma, even volatilization, and making the skin more moist.

Eummit humidifiers Mini Cute Panda Double Hole Spray Essential O

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