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look El Paso Mall for the stars Women's trust 3 Rockabi Sleeves 4 Style Length 50's

look for the stars Women's 3/4 Length Sleeves 50's Style Rockabi


look for the stars Women's 3/4 Length Sleeves 50's Style Rockabi

Product description

LOOK FOR THE STARS VINTAGE STYLE 50S ROCKABILLY DRESS. HIGH QUALITY DRESS; Standard shipping usually takes 5-6 days. 100% PURE BREATHABLE LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON LENGTH 43 INCHES SIZES : Measurements in inches Size 2 will fit bust 30-32,waist 24-25, Size 4 will fit bust 32-33, waist 26-27 size 6 will fit bust 33-34, waist 28-29 Size 8 will fit bust 34-35, waist 30-31 Size 10 will fit bust 36-37, waist 31-32 Size 12 will fit bust 38-39, waist 33-34 Size 14 will fit bust 40-42, waist 35-36 Size 16 will fit bust 43-44, waist 37-38 Size 18 will fit bust 44-45, waist 38-40 Size 20 will fit bust 46-47, waist 39-40, Size 22 will fit bust 47- 48.5, waist 41-42.5 Size 24 will fit bust 49 - 51, waist 42-43.5 PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE US SIZES AND THE DRESS SIZES ON THE LISTING ARE IN US SIZES. A 26" PETTICOAT IS REQUIRED TO GET THE LOOK IN THE PICTURE

look for the stars Women's 3/4 Length Sleeves 50's Style Rockabi

Look For

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