Scoop,Women's,Undershirt,Nec,KREUZ,with,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Short,ALBERT,deep,,/haznadar521011.html,Sleeve,$22 ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short 100% quality warranty! Sleeve Scoop deep with Undershirt Nec Scoop,Women's,Undershirt,Nec,KREUZ,with,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Short,ALBERT,deep,,/haznadar521011.html,Sleeve,$22 ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short 100% quality warranty! Sleeve Scoop deep with Undershirt Nec $22 ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short Sleeve Undershirt with deep Scoop Nec Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $22 ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short Sleeve Undershirt with deep Scoop Nec Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short 100% quality warranty Sleeve Scoop half deep with Undershirt Nec

ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short Sleeve Undershirt with deep Scoop Nec


ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short Sleeve Undershirt with deep Scoop Nec

Product description

ALBERT KREUZ Women’s short sleeve undershirt with deep scoop neck made of finest stretch cotton white

Comfortable soft undershirt, extra-long and slim fit

This fine white undershirt is almost too nice to be worn 'underneath'! The fine stretch cotton and slim fit cut guarantee a perfect fit. The undershirt adapts to the body shape without constricting and no creases are formed. Thanks to the extra-long cut, the undershirt stays tucked in - thus giving you full ease of movement. The deep scoop neck covers the bra line and does not shine through blouse or shirt. The neckline in the back is also deep, so that the undershirt is not visible at the neck when wearing tops with a wide neckline.

Perfect moisture absorption under the arms so that stains on the outerwear are avoided. Ideal also simply as close-fitting t-shirt.

Breathable cotton with with 5% spandex - for maximum wearing comfort and hygiene.

All ALBERT KREUZ advantages at a glance:

Classic short sleeve undershirt with deep scoop neck front and back, under tops with wide neckline
Extra-long and close-fitting cut for a perfect fit, stays tucked in
Short sleeves absorb moisture
Stylish also as slim fit t-shirt
Soft and breathable cotton with 5% spandex feels very pleasant on the skin
No scratching neck tag

Material composition:
95% Cotton
5% Spandex
Fabric weight: 160 g/m²

Care instructions:
Machine wash warm at 40 °C / 105° F
Tumble dry, gentle cycle
Iron at low temperature max. 110° C / 230° F
Do not bleach
Do not use softener
Dry-cleaning possible

Made in Portugal

ALBERT KREUZ Women's Short Sleeve Undershirt with deep Scoop Nec

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