Backl,Electronics , Computers Accessories,LCD,Resolution,Goshyda,/dialectology1020749.html,Screen,$27,HDMI,Touch,Display,,,1024x600 Backl,Electronics , Computers Accessories,LCD,Resolution,Goshyda,/dialectology1020749.html,Screen,$27,HDMI,Touch,Display,,,1024x600 $27 Goshyda Touch Screen Display, 1024x600 Resolution LCD HDMI Backl Electronics Computers Accessories Goshyda Touch Screen Display 1024x600 Backl LCD Super intense SALE Resolution HDMI $27 Goshyda Touch Screen Display, 1024x600 Resolution LCD HDMI Backl Electronics Computers Accessories Goshyda Touch Screen Display 1024x600 Backl LCD Super intense SALE Resolution HDMI

Genuine Free Shipping Goshyda Touch Screen Display 1024x600 Backl LCD Super intense SALE Resolution HDMI

Goshyda Touch Screen Display, 1024x600 Resolution LCD HDMI Backl


Goshyda Touch Screen Display, 1024x600 Resolution LCD HDMI Backl

Product description


Item Type: Touch Screen
LCD Interface: GPIO
Touch Screen Type: Resistance
Touch Screen Controller: 2046
LED: Backlight
Resolution: 1024x600 (P)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
SPI Diver Speed: HDMI high speed
Backlight Current: TBD

Package List:

1 x Touch Screen
1 x Stylus
1 x Screws Pack
1 x Adapter

Goshyda Touch Screen Display, 1024x600 Resolution LCD HDMI Backl



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