ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With Axle Bearing 60 100-14 Oklahoma City Mall 12mm $74 ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With 12mm Bearing Axle 60/100-14 Motorcycle Powersports Parts With,1.4x14,Bearing,ZXTDR,$74,2.50-14,Axle,12mm,Wheel,60/100-14,inch,nuestyles.com,/convince1020392.html,Motorcycle Powersports , Parts With,1.4x14,Bearing,ZXTDR,$74,2.50-14,Axle,12mm,Wheel,60/100-14,inch,nuestyles.com,/convince1020392.html,Motorcycle Powersports , Parts ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With Axle Bearing 60 100-14 Oklahoma City Mall 12mm $74 ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With 12mm Bearing Axle 60/100-14 Motorcycle Powersports Parts

ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With Axle Bearing 60 100-14 Oklahoma City Luxury goods Mall 12mm

ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With 12mm Bearing Axle 60/100-14


ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With 12mm Bearing Axle 60/100-14

Product description

This is a 14" front dirt bike wheel assembly comes with rim, tire, inner tube, wheel bearings and brake disc rotor.

Please note: Tire sizes vary by ride, please check your current tire and wheel sizes before placing the order.

ZXTDR 2.50-14 1.4x14 inch Wheel With 12mm Bearing Axle 60/100-14


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