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Geox Men's Low-Top Sneakers


Geox Men's Low-Top Sneakers

Product description

Designed to breathe and allow you to escape city routine, the Nebula X sneaker is ultra-light and ultra-flexible. An ideal ally for out-of-town escapes and weekends on the go, this outperforming item was conceived for an active lifestyle and engineered for long hikes on uneven terrain. The Nebula X sneaker ensures total breathability in every direction thanks to the 3D Breathing System, which combines the Geox patented Net Breathing System membrane with a 3D insole, for unmatched breathability and comfort. Nebula X's lined interior has only been attached to the upper at certain strategic points and has been made from an open-weave fabric which is quick drying and allows for exceptional breathability so that feet breathe and stay dry at all times. Geox's iconic Nebula outsole has been further improved to offer complete comfort and high performance levels during long-distance walks. Its 3D Performance units have been adapted to include shaped rubber-tripod details designed to guarantee an extremely efficient grip on rough terrain or rugged surfaces and to ensure exceptional support and stability. The outsole comes in light EVA with a flexible cushioned construction and features an ergonomic design with grooves that provide flexibility, whilst the double fit makes sure that feet are completely comfortable whatever the situation. These shoes owe their extraordinary breathability to the GEOX Net Breathing System: the technology developed and designed in collaboration with professional pilots who have won the world championship. The maxiholes guarantee outstanding breathability. The maximum water resistance of the sole is guaranteed by a membrane that prevents water from getting in. What’s more, an additional layer made up of a special protective material guards the foot, without compromising on breathability. This technology has been designed to withstand even the most intense level of activity and to provide maximum day long comfort, even in the more extreme of temperatures. Designed for people that are looking for shoes that can comfortably adapt to their feet, this model features a removable inner sole so as to provide two different fits or the option of adding an insole.

Geox Men's Low-Top Sneakers

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