Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer with Box 3 depot Drawers 2 Drawers,1,,Organizer,2,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Box,Table,Decoration,,with,Cosmetic,3,$48,PC,/cellulosic879498.html $48 Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer Box with 3 Drawers 2 Office Products Office School Supplies Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer with Box 3 depot Drawers 2 $48 Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer Box with 3 Drawers 2 Office Products Office School Supplies Drawers,1,,Organizer,2,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Box,Table,Decoration,,with,Cosmetic,3,$48,PC,/cellulosic879498.html

Table Decoration, Tampa Mall 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer with Box 3 depot Drawers 2

Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer Box with 3 Drawers 2


Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer Box with 3 Drawers 2

Product description


Features:1.MULTI-GRAID. Multiple divided compartments to organize your cosmetics, stationeries or other small supplies. 3 drawer pulls out to tidy small items. In addition, there's a built-in pen holder and 2 grids book holder. Perfect home/office desk organiser holder.
2.NEAT AND CLEAN. Choosing the desk storage box to organize dressing-table clutter, make it clean and tidy, that's right there when you need it for all your supplies and accessories.
3.WITH BOOK HOLDER. Designed with 2 grids book holder is not just for books or files, you can also use it for your craft supplies, office supplies or other small supplies, like sticky notes, staplers, glues, water bottles, hand creams, etc.
4.WIDELY USE. This desk organiser holder is not just for storaging and organising students and office stationery supplies, which can storage your daily makeup tools, skincare cosmetics, craft supplies, home supplies or other small items.
5.SIMPLE BUT PRACTICAL. Save space and time for you. Very suitable for bedroom, bathroom, dressing room, vanity countertop. Make all you stationeries, makeup tools and skincare cosmetics well organised.
Specifications:Material: ABS
Color: Blue, Gray, Orange
Size: Approx. 29x21x19cm/11.42x8.27x7.48in
Weight: Approx. 1182g
Note:1.Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!Package includes:1 Piece Desk Organizer Holder

Table Decoration, 1 PC Cosmetic Organizer Box with 3 Drawers 2

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Anthony Doerr's long-awaited novel



Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All the Light We Cannot See


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