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Song of Tulsa Mall the Wanderer half

Song of the Wanderer


Song of the Wanderer

Editorial Reviews

Authors Mike Hazeldine amp; Barry Martyn present the story of possibly one of the most controversial figures in jazz history. His is the story of one of the great jazz legends - the neglected genius toiling in the rice fields while his student, Louis Armstrong, gained worldwide fame. This 276 page book with many never before published photos charts the twists amp; turns of Bunk's incident-packed life, and by investigating the many myths that surrounded it, finds that the real story is better than the legends. Also included is a 16 track CD of never before released material feat. Turk Murphy, Burt Bales, George Lewis, Baby Dodds, Wild Bill Davison, Paul Barbarin amp; many others.ISBN: 0-963-88907-9

Song of the Wanderer

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