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A steel or iron rod, or thick wooden plank, links them together preventing the victim from being able to bend their back. Such instruments make it very difficult and sometimes impossible for victims to walk, sit down, use the toilet, or feed themselves. Waterboarding is a simple yet effective form of water torture. Here the victim is tied to a table with their legs elevated and a cloth covering their face. Water is then poured over the cloth for up to a 60 seconds at a time with the person only being allowed to breathe for a few seconds in between. The torture causes suffocation and a sense of drowning.

  • Because you raise your legs off the ground, Leg Lifts especially work your lower abs.
  • To gain the benefits that the leg raise offers, use proper form.
  • Also, it will be a perfect companion if you lift heavy weights, want to boost effectiveness in sports as well as to shape your abs, glutes, power your hamstring and strengthen your core.
  • For those who are new to this exercise, it can help perform this exercise by crossing their arms and putting them crossed on their chest.
  • It is made from thickened steel pipe, making it durable and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 330lb.

The Powerline brand is perfect for training your backs, glutes, abs and hams in the safety and security of your home/gym. Avoid painful injuries and stay safe with this sturdily built roman chair that can support up to 250 pounds of weight. It can be adjusted to fit users and it also has a manual inversion mechanism. Product warranty ensures durability and assures longevity of this unique exercise equipment. ComMax Roman Chair Bench is a piece of fantastic equipment that will help you improve your overall body structure.

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Lie on the ball with your hands behind your https://gym-expert.com/ankle-brace/ head and complete the simple crunch, using your core muscles to lower yourself down and bring yourself forwards. Using a captain’s chair or a seat-less chair with back and armrests, let your legs dangle straight down, before raising your knees up towards your chest. Engaging your ab muscles, slowly lower your legs back down and repeat. Engage your core muscles and squeeze your glutes. Tighten your core and lift your feet off the floor. Lean back a little to balance your body on your hips.

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Skater lunges are great for burning calories, targeting the waist area – especially the side fat – and shaping the hips and legs. Keep breathing and holding your core tight and glutes squeezed. Pause for a moment, then get back up to the starting position. Place the other hand, palms open, on the inside of your thighs. So, raise the volume of your music, and let’s start twisting our way to awesome-sauce abs! This post lists 10 twist exercises and how to do them to shed the flab and get a slim waist.

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Find the secret to six packs with Fitness Factory’s adjustable ab benches, ab boards, Roman Chair, ab coasters, and other ab training products. Another solid offering from XMark, this roman chair uses sweat-resistant vinyl pads and durable powder-coated steel for comfort and durability. The Bodycraft F670 is a simple, compact roman chair that will fit into any home without much problem. Not everyone can accommodate large workout machines so if you’re on the lookout for a roman chair but don’t have large spaces available, then this is a great option. Price tends to determine quality and features.

High-rep chins tap into abs in a palpably different way. Abs get sore during limit presses for this reason as well. In every weight room in all the countries of the world since the dawn of training with weights, the single biggest distraction from the actual task at hand has been abs.

The ab bench is also known as an adjustable sit-up machine, as you can adjust the angle of the bench. A steep angle adds more resistance and hence, is harder to work on. Likewise, a wider angle is easier to do and more appropriate for beginners.