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Cantemos en Español Second Free shipping New Edition by Susy Max 59% OFF Let's S Dorn Sing in

Cantemos en Español Second Edition by Susy Dorn (Let's Sing in S


Cantemos en Español Second Edition by Susy Dorn (Let's Sing in S

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DESCRIPTION: ¡Cantemos En Español! or "Let's Sing In Spanish" is an entertaining and dynamic Spanish immersion DVD. Education, music and fun are the words that describe this colorful video presented by Susy Dorn, educator and composer. Susy has been teaching Spanish Immersion for many years to thousands of children in Peru and the US through puppets, songs and drama. She possesses a unique and entertaining way of imparting her knowledge to children. In this entertaining DVD, children will learn about numbers, colors, shapes, the alphabet, opposites, and more as they watch scenes containing animation, puppets, fun, music and Teacher Susy’s unmatchable charisma. VIDEO CHAPTERS AND DESCRIPTIONS: 1. Vamos a Aprender Espanol (Let's Learn Spanish) 2. ¿Cómo Están? (How Are You?) 3. Los Opuestos (The Opposites) 4. Las Frutas (The Fruits) 5. Los Números (The Numbers) 6. Los Colores (The Colors) 7. Las Formas (The Shapes) 8. Los Días de la Semana (The Days of the Week) 9. Las Vocales (The Vowels) 10. El Alfabeto (The Alphabet) 11. Las Partes del Cuerpo (The Parts of the Body) 12. Los Meses del Año (The Months of the Year) 13. Las Estaciones (The Seasons) 14. La Ropa (The Cloths) 15. Los Animales de la Granja (The Animals of the Farm) 16. El Oso (The Oso) 17. Los Animales Salvajes (The Animals of the Jungle) 18. Las Herramientas (The Tools) 19. Los Ayudantes de la Comunidad (The Servers of the Community) 20. ¿Dónde Viven? (Where Do They Live?) 21. ¡Vamos de Paseo! (Let's Go for a Ride) 22. Los Instrumentos (The Instruments) 23. Los Dinosaurios (The Dinosaurs) MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST: Besides a singer, author and song writer for children, Susy Dorn is a Spanish Immersion teacher in the Bay Area, CA. With a bachelor's degree in early childhood development, Susy has managed to develop Spanish Immersion materials that are fun and effective such as books, music CDs, and DVDs for her students to supplement the learning of Spanish in her program.

Cantemos en Español Second Edition by Susy Dorn (Let's Sing in S

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