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Max Regular dealer 56% OFF Focus Foodservice Commercial Bakeware 17 25-Inch by Chrome Plate

Focus Foodservice Commercial Bakeware 17 by 25-Inch Chrome Plate


Focus Foodservice Commercial Bakeware 17 by 25-Inch Chrome Plate

Product description

Focus Foodservice LLC is committed to providing the foodservice industry with products and services that provide exceptional value and create operational efficiency. Our team of foodservice professionals works to provide solutions in the foodservice industry. Our Focus Foodservice commercial bakeware pans are manufactured to meet the exacting standards of the toughest commercial bakeries and foodservice establishments. This commercial chrome plated heavy gauge steel grate features 2 welded support rods for greater rigidity. It fits into a standard full size sheet pan and measures 17" x 25".

Focus Foodservice Commercial Bakeware 17 by 25-Inch Chrome Plate

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