,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Back,Huawei,Back,for,Pro,,Fit,P30,/araceous879628.html,$358,Glass,Original,P30,Door,Cover P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Door Huawei Pro Discount is also underway P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Door Huawei Pro Discount is also underway,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Back,Huawei,Back,for,Pro,,Fit,P30,/araceous879628.html,$358,Glass,Original,P30,Door,Cover $358 P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Huawei P30 Pro, Back Door Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $358 P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Huawei P30 Pro, Back Door Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Ultra-Cheap Deals P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Door Huawei Pro Discount is also underway

P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Huawei P30 Pro, Back Door


P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Huawei P30 Pro, Back Door

Product description

Color:P30 Pro Aurora

Made of high quality material Back shell and gives you a good touch feeling.

100% Brand New High quality Back Cover. 100% perfect fit.

Replace your scratched, broken, old and unusable cover with a new one.

Please power off your phone before replacement.

True picture
1. New product
2. The products sold are exactly the same as the pictures.
3. The back of the glass cover is provided with adhesive glue

P30 Original Back Glass Cover Fit for Huawei P30 Pro, Back Door

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