TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Fit Cheap For Har Accent Outer,Batwing,Har,For,Fairing,$109,Vent,Accent,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,ABS,Plastic,TCT-MT,,Fit,/araceous521128.html Outer,Batwing,Har,For,Fairing,$109,Vent,Accent,Automotive , Motorcycle Powersports,ABS,Plastic,TCT-MT,,Fit,/araceous521128.html TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Fit Cheap For Har Accent $109 TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Accent Fit For Har Automotive Motorcycle Powersports $109 TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Accent Fit For Har Automotive Motorcycle Powersports

TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Fit Cheap For Har All items in the store Accent

TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Accent Fit For Har


TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Accent Fit For Har

Product description

Color:Vivid Black New Style

Fits For Harley Touring Ultra Classic, Limited, Electra Glide, Trike and Street Glide models 2014-2020

NOTE: Our own prefessional painting machine sprays this product by high quality imported paint.

✦ Aftermarket 100% Brand New
✦ Fairing Color: Painted Vivid Black
✦ Fairing Vent Accent Color: Chrome
✦ Pre-made threaded holes for easy to attach the inner fairing.
✦ This is the perfect replacement for your cracked, worn, or scratched fairing shell!
✦ Made from thick raw ABS injection-molded plastic, it comes with a nice smooth surface straight from the injection molding machine.
✦ Non-Detachable style.
✦ Material:100% made of high quality ABS plastic (Not PVC) to guarantee a longer life time and product durability.
✦ Easy to install and no install instructions,Mounting hardware are not included

✦ 1x Outer Fairing with Vent Accent (As Picture Shown)

TCT-MT ABS Plastic Batwing Outer Fairing Vent Accent Fit For Har

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