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Voodonala A-Pillar Phone Holde Alumium Bracket Alloy trend rank Gorgeous Adjustable

Voodonala A-Pillar Phone Holde Bracket Alumium Alloy Adjustable


Voodonala A-Pillar Phone Holde Bracket Alumium Alloy Adjustable

Product Description

Voodonala A-Pillar Phone Holder .

Designed on Original Car Size.Compatible for 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL JLU amp; Gladiator JT .4XE.

Many Jeeper satisfied with JL Updated to made 4A-Pillars on JL model,but we think there something could be better.After our engineer amazing changing.Voodonala JL A-Pillar phone handle get JL A-Pillar updated.

Why not use the automatic adjustment elastic buckle?Our engineer had made a test for the both two,Manual adjustment screws can provide longer use time and practical operability. Market research shows that manual adjustment screws can provide more user experience. This is the fun of choosing off-road, freedom for the traving!!!

More functions for the Jeep A-Pillar :

Remove the bracket gripper and you will get a hook.Could be used with walkie-talkie mount.its would be very cool while you driving with your friends.

New updated holder base part,could get your phone with much safty base.It is very easy to disassemble. When you don't want to use it, you can turn the lower s crews to make the support part of the bracket fall off. Then you can quickly install it when you want to use it.

The ballhead adapter features 1/4in s crews at the ends,it can be used to any suitable occasion. Such as DSLR camera, action cam, LCD monitor, microphone, flash light on camera,Go pro, cage.

Note : The material of the A-pillar insert is the same as the original car, but the color is slightly different, so please do not discard the original car parts randomly. You can return to the original when you don’t need this phone holder. Choose the installed place before you install,get the holder installed on a suitable place,As long as you plan on keeping it installed throughout the life of your Jeep it will probably last.

Brand quality : Voodonala had made phone holder for seven years. When you receive the product you are not satisfied, we will serve you and provide help in time.Wholeheartedly, only for your satisfaction.

Voodonala A-Pillar Phone Holde Bracket Alumium Alloy Adjustable



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