CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit unisex - Ceramic Coating Finish Quartz Bas Kit,/anthracometer1020790.html,Ceramic,Automotive , Car Care,50ml,,Finish,,-,Quartz,Coating,Bas,SiC,CARPRO,CQUARTZ,$55 $55 CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit - Ceramic Coating Finish, Quartz Bas Automotive Car Care Kit,/anthracometer1020790.html,Ceramic,Automotive , Car Care,50ml,,Finish,,-,Quartz,Coating,Bas,SiC,CARPRO,CQUARTZ,$55 CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit unisex - Ceramic Coating Finish Quartz Bas $55 CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit - Ceramic Coating Finish, Quartz Bas Automotive Car Care

CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 2021new shipping free shipping 50ml Kit unisex - Ceramic Coating Finish Quartz Bas

CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit - Ceramic Coating Finish, Quartz Bas


CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit - Ceramic Coating Finish, Quartz Bas

Product Description

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ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars
ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars
ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars ceramic, coating, car, carpro, paint, uk, cquartz, kit, nano, coat, quartz, spray, glass, cars
CQUARTZ UK Gliss DLUX Reload Leather Lite
Durability (handwash) 24 months 12 months 12 months 3 months 12 months gt;6 months
Smoothness medium high medium high medium medium
PH-Resistance 3~13 5~12 5~12 6~7 5~12 3~13
Flashingtime (flash time may vary on room temp and humidity) 30~60 sec 1~2 min 30~60 sec no flash no flash 0 sec
Min and max time between layers 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour no minimum 4 hours 1 hour
Dryingtime until water contact 24h 24h 24h 0 24h 24h
Dryingtime until full hardness 7 days 7 days 7 days 0 7 days 7 days
IR lamp yes/no, improvement yes yes yes no no yes

CARPRO CQUARTZ SiC 50ml Kit - Ceramic Coating Finish, Quartz Bas

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