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WSays Chrome Tall 20'' Sissy Limited time cheap sale Bar Pad Backrest With Ranking TOP10 Passenger Cla

WSays Chrome Tall 20'' Sissy Bar With Passenger Backrest Pad Cla


WSays Chrome Tall 20'' Sissy Bar With Passenger Backrest Pad Cla

Product description


Fits 2006-2017 Harley Dyna
Dyna Fat Bob - FXDF 2009-2017
Dyna Fat Bob (EFI) - FXDF 2008
Dyna Fat Bob CVO/SE - FXDFSE 2009
Dyna Fat Bob CVO/SE - FXDFSE 2 2010
Dyna Low Rider - FXDL 2009, 2014-2017
Dyna Low Rider (EFI) -FXDL 2007-2008
Dyna Low Rider Injected - FXDL I 2006
Dyna Street Bob - FXDB 2009-2017
Dyna Street Bob (EFI) - FXDB 2007-2008
Dyna Super Glide - FXD 2009-2010
Dyna Super Glide Custom - FXDC 2009-2014
Dyna Super Glide Custom (EFI) - FXDC 2007-2008
Dyna Super Glide Custom Injected - FXDC I 2006
Dyna Super Glide Injected - FXD I 2006
Dyna Switchback - FLD 2012-2016
Dyna Wide Glide - FXDWG 2013-2017
Low Rider S - FXDLS 2016-2017
Street Bob Injected - FXDB I 2006
Classic Styled,Super Easy Bolt-on Application.
One piece Welding Round Bar Sissy bar.
Size:20" tall from buttom to the top.
Instruction Included.
Material:Steel Tube with Powder Coated Black finish (Copper+Nickle+Chrome),
Pad Cushion mode of PU Leather and Polyurethane foam forming.
Surface Finish: Gloss Black
Package Included:
1x Sissy bar with necessary hardware
Come with installation instruction

WSays Chrome Tall 20'' Sissy Bar With Passenger Backrest Pad Cla



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