$21 SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket With Lid Fresh Food Storag Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket Food Fresh With Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Storag Lid With,Fridge,Storag,Basket,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/Capitol879639.html,nuestyles.com,Drainage,Kitchen,$21,SAMBOR,Food,Lid,Fresh With,Fridge,Storag,Basket,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,/Capitol879639.html,nuestyles.com,Drainage,Kitchen,$21,SAMBOR,Food,Lid,Fresh $21 SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket With Lid Fresh Food Storag Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket Food Fresh With Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Storag Lid

SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket Food Fresh With Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Indianapolis Mall Storag Lid

SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket With Lid Fresh Food Storag


SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket With Lid Fresh Food Storag

Product description


Name: Fruit Vegetable Drain Storage Box
Material: PET+PP+TPR
Temperature resistance: -20?~120C
Standards: 1.7L-medium, 4.5L-large
Capacity: 1.7L, 4.5L
Color: white, gray
Size: as shown

How to use the lid snap: lightly press the middle of the lid with one hand, pull one side of the snap outwards with the other hand, and then press downwards the snap to close; in the same way, press downwards the other snap.

Packing List:
1*Drain Storage Box

Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there might be some color difference, please understand.
Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.

SAMBOR Kitchen Fridge Drainage Basket With Lid Fresh Food Storag

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