Wheel,Rim,New,Automotive , Tires Wheels,Chevrole,$196,/Aporobranchiata521354.html,18,Alloy,Compatible,inch,nuestyles.com,With,Replacement New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Compatible Chevrole Rim Max 82% OFF With New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Compatible Chevrole Rim Max 82% OFF With $196 New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Rim Compatible With Chevrole Automotive Tires Wheels Wheel,Rim,New,Automotive , Tires Wheels,Chevrole,$196,/Aporobranchiata521354.html,18,Alloy,Compatible,inch,nuestyles.com,With,Replacement $196 New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Rim Compatible With Chevrole Automotive Tires Wheels

New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Compatible Chevrole Rim Max Mail order 82% OFF With

New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Rim Compatible With Chevrole


New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Rim Compatible With Chevrole

Product description

This is a brand new replacement rim compatible with Chevrolet Cruze 2011-2014.

This is an alloy - aluminum wheel with the following specs:
Diameter: 18"
Width: 7.5"
Offset: 50mm
Bolt Pattern: 5x105
Finish: silver - hyper paint
Part Number: OEM Replacement (Aftermarket).

This aftermarket wheel is engineered to match the OEM counter-part in specs, quality, and design.

Whether you are ordering one wheel or a set, these wheels will be a perfect match/fit.

We take pride in not only having the exact specs for your vehicle, but also in the quality of our wheels.

Note: Factory center caps amp; TPMS will fit these wheels where it applies.

New 18 inch Replacement Alloy Wheel Rim Compatible With Chevrole

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