Bedroom,,1L(34Oz),Dehumidifier,for,,Electric,WLNKJ,Dehumidifiers,$85,/Aporobranchiata1020354.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality $85 WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Bedroom, 1L(34Oz) Electric Dehumidifiers Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality $85 WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Bedroom, 1L(34Oz) Electric Dehumidifiers Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Max 65% OFF Bedroom Electric Dehumidifiers 1L 34Oz Bedroom,,1L(34Oz),Dehumidifier,for,,Electric,WLNKJ,Dehumidifiers,$85,/Aporobranchiata1020354.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Max 65% OFF Bedroom Electric Dehumidifiers 1L 34Oz

WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Max 65% Super intense SALE OFF Bedroom Electric Dehumidifiers 1L 34Oz

WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Bedroom, 1L(34Oz) Electric Dehumidifiers


WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Bedroom, 1L(34Oz) Electric Dehumidifiers

Product description

Differ from single-use moisture absorbing bag, this high Effective Dehumidifier keeps working quietly day and night.

Dehumidifier collects excess moisture and store in water tank, help to build a healthy and fresh small space living life for you.

✔POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT-Reduce the risk of sicks caused by high humidity.Help to make air fresh for a better life and better sleep.
✔ELIMINATE ODORS AND PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE-Semiconductor material efficiently remove excess moisture of air. Keep clothes, bedding and furniture away from being mouldy.
✔WITH LED LIGHT-The 7 colors light enable create warm night light in your home, bathroom, bedroom and more.
✔COMBANITION AIR PURIFIER-The dehumidifier has filter that can filter dust in the air, improve your bedroom environment

Capacity of water tank: 1L(34oz)
Coverage Area: 2800 cubic feet(280 sq ft)
Power: 36W
Size: 5.98'' length, 5.31'' width, 9.84'' height, 2.86 pounds

【Package List】:
1x Dehumidifier
1x Power Adapter
1x User Instruction

WLNKJ Dehumidifier for Bedroom, 1L(34Oz) Electric Dehumidifiers

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